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GATE Photography

Professional Quality Imagery - Every time!​

If you are looking for great professional photos, look no further than GATE Photography. By getting GATE to do your shoot you will be supporting highly trained students in their quest to obtain experience to complement their tutorials. As a client you can be assured that the students are accompanied by a professional tutor and mentor who will be doing the back-up shots to ensure the highest quality and all at a very reasonable price. 

Professional Wedding Photography​

Professional Event and Sport Photography​

 Professional Portraiture   Photography​

Study to become a Professional Photographer

Learning to be a great professional photographer takes a little more than just nice photography. The ability to come up with a client's requirement on demand will separate the amateurs from the professionals pretty quickly. If you like the sound of earning a full or part-time income from photography check out the professional course page or send us an email via our contacts page.

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