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About Capture-it NZ

Capture-it NZ has taken a new direction.


Previously based solely in Tauranga, we are now teaching our courses in Auckland, Timaru, Christchurch and Wellington also.


The school is run by Jo Miller with assistant tutors and mentors when required - all of whom are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help you reach your personal photographic goals.


The philosophy of the school is to embrace the new digital photographic world while at the same time remembering and incorporating the essential skill base of days gone by. Our equipment may have changed but true photography is still primarily about the photographer.

We have a large range of learning opportunities available for everyone from the point-and-shooter who just wants to get better images of their friends, family, holidays or just life in general, to the hobbyist or enthusiast, to those wanting to be a professional photographer. We run a wide range of courses, workshops, field-trips, excursions, private tutorials and more.


For those wishing to take their photography to a more serious level we also run a selection of workshops helping you to be a success in the competitive world of professional photography. Topics include Wedding, Portraiture, Events and Sports. Check out our course information or contact our office for more details.


As well as our branching out to Auckland, Timaru, Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington, we also will soon be listing a range of photographic retreats throughout some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.


If your interest in photography is to learn how to truly control your camera and capture the essence of the subject when the image is being shot, then Capture-it NZ is the school for you.

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