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Courses, workshops and more:

 This page is currently being updated to reflect our new structure.

There are lots of ways in which we learn and it is important to find a way that works best for you. With a wide range of teaching formats available we can help you on your way to becoming a great photographer. Although there is always a degree of technical knowledge required when taking a photo it is often the compositional and artistic angle that makes the difference. All our tuition is delivered from an artistic perspective. Check out the different options below to see which one/s will be right for you.


At Capture-it we have mostly 12 to 15 hour courses available. These are usually offered as two day block courses but in some areas we do offer 4 x 1/2 day workshops or 1 full day over 2 weeks as well. If you are unable to do 2 consecutive days just contact our office and we  can arrange a split booking e.g. day 1 of one course and day 2 of another.


Some of the courses offered are Effective Photography on Camera, Black and White, Introducing Landscape, Night Photography, Introducing Architecture, Action in Low Light, Macro and more. Click on the Gannet above to find out more...


Our worksops tend to be shorter one-off sessions which run from between two to eight hours and are great for picking up quick tips or practical tuition. Some workshops are open to anyone while others may be practical follow-ups to other courses.


Some of the workshops we run include  Camera Basics, Travel Photography, Sensor Cleaning and Camera Care, Metering, Manual Exposures  etc. Click on the doves above to find out more...

Fieldtrips & Retreats
Private Tuition

Our fieldtrips are a half or full-day practical experience visiting a wide range of places from natural landscapes to street architecture, from early morning sunrises to night photography.


Retreats run for two or more days allowing us to travel further afield and discover new photographic opportunities.


Both offer you the chance for more hands on tuition and mentoring as well as spending time with others of a like mind.

Sometimes we find it hard to get our jobs or lives to mesh with course or workshop timetables. Booking a private tutorial means you can choose the time to suit you. 


This one-on-one learning style also allows us to customise your learning path to cover the exact subject matter important to you.


We also offer private tutorials or seminars for clubs, businesses or groups. Contact our office for a quote.


Professional Courses
Courses now offered around New Zealand

There is a great deal of satisfaction in earning an income from what we have an interest in, but there is a big step between taking nice photos and being a professional.


Our professional courses will not only teach you to take professional quality images but also how to organise and run a shoot correctly.


Click on the wedding photo above to send us an email for more information.


Our professional courses are also extremely practical based with lots of real event and workplace experience.


Our courses include: Wedding, Portraiture, Event and Sport.

Given the unique aspects of our curriculum and the way we teach, we are getting more and more students from other cities either travelling to Tauranga to study or requesting that we come to them.


We now are running courses and workshops in Timaru, Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch as well as in Tauranga, and look forward to opening this up to Hamilton and Dunedin by the end of 2020. By spreading our wings into other areas we hope to make learning photography easier and more convenient.


Click on the picture above to see what is available in your area

In Schools Program
Lifestyle Village Visits

Capture-it NZ strongly believes photography is for all ages and that we are never too young to learn. (Some of us started as young as three years old!).


With education being more visual these days, children are increasingly incorporating imagery in their school work.


With the Capture-it NZ In Schools program we bring fun and interactive workshops into the class allowing children to understand the basics of photography in a practical and inspiring way.


We also have practical workshops for those doing NCEA Photography to help with a more functional and practical understanding about how cameras and exposure work. Students who have done this workshop have found it to be a great accompaniment to their NCEA curriculum.


Contact our office for more information.

Yes, photography is for all ages and you are never too old to learn. Despite the digital era, the basics of photography have remained the same and composition is still number one.


Whether you have a small point-and-shoot or an elaborate SLR we can help you to capture your friends, family and holidays better.


We have a fun, tailored workshop which we can bring to your village that will create instant results for all involved.


Contact our office for more information.

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