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Effective Photography on Camera

Photography is a very large topic and can become quite diverse.  However, it all stems from the basics and establishing good process with your camera. Learning is basically divided into two areas, composition and light and for these workshops it is predominantly the lighting that we will be dealing with although compositional prioritisation will still be covered.


Topics covered include: Camera functions, light, metering, white balance, manual exposure and prioritisation, lenses, focal length, and more.

This course involves the following three workshops:

Workshop 1 - Understanding Light and Metering

Workshop 2 - Using Manual Exposure Mode Effectively

Workshop 3 - Cameras and Lenses in Manual Mode


Prerequisites: Camera Basics or similar knowledge.


(Please Note: If you have done any of our ITP courses please contact us so we can cross credit it towards this course, verification may be required).

Black & White Photography

Black and white is not about lack of colour, but more of an art form allowing the viewer to experience a shot from an artistic and/or emotional aspect. A chance for you to learn to see the world in black and white.


Topics covered include: Texture, form, light, contrast, predicting and achieving a specific result using light levels and more.

Workshop 1 -  Artistic Features of Black and White

Workshop 2 -  Increasing Contrast and Subject Technique

Workshop 3 -  Advanced Black and White


Prerequisites: Effective Photography on Camera or similar knowledge

Black and White Studio  Still Life - Create Beautiful Artistic Images in Black and White


B & W Film Developing and Printing: Learn the basics of how to develop and print your own images in our traveling darkroom. 

Night Photography

At Capture-it we consider night photography to be anything from sunset till sunrise, still or motion based. Each requires its own set of rules and expectations.  Understand this and it will open a whole new world of photographic opportunity.


Workshop 1 - In an Artificially Lit World

Workshop 2 - In a Naturally Lit World


Topics covered include: Low light, sunrise, sunset, artificially lit scenes, the moon, fireworks, light trails, moonlit scenes, painting and more.


Prerequisites: Effective Photography on Camera or similar knowledge.

Introducing Portraiture 

Learn about the different aspects of portraiture photography from the basics to professional. See how light and composition can change the effect and emotional response to the subject. These courses can take you from basic family and friends photography to entry into professional portraiture.


Portraiture Workshop 1 - Basic Compositional Styles and Lighting.

Portraiture Workshop 2 -  Use of lenses and depth of field to create effective and emotive portraiture.

Portraiture Workshop 3 - Advanced Portraiture

Studio Portraiture Workshop 1 - Better portraiture using studio lighting. Prerequisite: Studio Workshop 1 - Basics

Studio Portraiture  Workshop 2 - Creative  portraiture using studio lighting.

Human Form Workshop 1 - Using the human body to portray an emotion or tell a story.

Human Form Workshop 2 - Advanced Human Form.

Professional Portraiture Workshops - Check out our info page on professional photography.

Landscape & Scenic Photography

Learn about the different compositional styles of landscape and scenic photography, and how each style creates a different journey and/or perspective for the viewer. Also, how different ways of using light can change the emotion of the shot.

Workshop 1 - Photographing our Beautiful Surroundings

Workshop 2 - Creative Composition and  Lighting.

Workshop 3 - Advanced Landscape

Prerequisites: Effective Photography on Camera or similar knowledge.

Artistic Photography

What is Artistic photography and how do we portray it? For some, it comes naturally while others need to try and see the world from an entirely different perspective. Artistic photography can be about angle, depth, repetition, distance and much more....


Artistic Level One: Learn to find artistic opportunities or create from scratch.

Artistic Level Two: Coming to Capture-it in 2014.

Close up Level One: Use of different lenses including a macro lens will help you discover a whole new world up close.

Close up Level Two: Coming to Capture-it in 2014.

Still Life Level One: Using composition and light to portray objects in an artistic way.

Architecture Photography

Learn about the difference between representational and artistic architecture, use persective and angle to create interesting and original photos.


Architecture Level One: Compositional styles and use of interesting lighting.

Architecture Level Two: Use of lenses, flash and depth of field to  create effective and interesting architecture photography.

Other Courses Available

We have many more courses which will help you on your photographic journey. Check out the ones below and keep in mind we have more exciting courses which will be available in the future.


Wildlife Level One: Scenic, portraiture, action and behaviour shots of animals are exciting to capture and rewarding to keep.

Wildlife level Two: Coming to Capture-it in 2014/5.

Photo Evaluation, Printing & Presentation Level One: Learn to decide which photos to enlarge, how to present them e.g. quality, sizing, & framing.

Photo Evaluation, Printing & Presentation Level Two: Taking level one to the next level.

Photostories and Documenting Level One: Learn to use your photography to tell a story or take the viewer on a journey.

Photostories and Documenting Level Two: Coming to Capture-it in 2014/5.

External Flash Level One: Learn how to use your external flash gun (speedlight) without resorting to auto.

External Flash Level Two: Discover how your flash can be used for creative lighting effects.

History of Photography Level One: Learn about the inventors and creators in the world of photography, how and when trends and styles developed.

Mechanics of Photography Level One: Learn how cameras and lenses work. Understand how we capture an image using light.

Introduction to Photoshop Level One: Coming to Capture-it in 2014.

Introduction to Photoshop Level Two: Coming to Capture-it in 2014/5.

Introduction to Lightroom Level One: Returning to Capture-it in 2014..

Advanced Light & Composition Skills

These courses are for those that have completed Introduction to Photography Levels one to four and now wish to take their skills to the next level. Both these courses have a high degree of practical learning.


Advanced Composition Level One: Learn to control the eye and journey of the viewer.

Advanced Exposure and Light Level One: Learn to perfect your metering and manual exposure as well as other advance lighting techniques.

Practical Workshops

We all learn differently, with some of us requiring more practical hands on time to get our heads around some aspects of photography.


Our practical workshops are designed to help you to hone those skills learnt in our regular courses. Workshops are usually two and a half hours in duration and workshop numbers are kept to a minimum to ensure more tutor - student time.


Metering Workshop 1: Hone your abilities to read and understand the levels of light (ITP Level 2 prerequisite).

Using the Manual Mode Workshop: Get your head around priorities and balancing correctly (ITP 3 prerequisite)..

Ultra Wide Lens Workshop: These amazing lenses can be a bit daunting to start with, this workshop is designed to get you using it differently in different situations (ITP L1 and 2 prerequisites and you must own an ultra wide lens). ITP 1 and 2 prerequisite and

External Flash Workshop: This complicated piece of equipment can become your best friend if you know how to use it (External Flash L1 Prerequisite).

Metering for Black and White Workshop: Understand the difference between metering for black and white and colour, includes high key and low key (Black and White L1 prerequisite).Effective use

Metering Workshop 2: Hone your abilities to read and understand the levels of light (Advanced Exposure and Light prerequisite).


Watch this space for more workshops as they become available.